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Make it work (freestyle)

A blast from the past, an oldie but a goodie, insert whichever cliché you want to here- it really makes no difference because this unreleased freestyle over a boom bap beat is a strong showing from LARRY BUXXX.

This went largely unnoticed, understandable as 'Make it work' is probably one of the earliest freestyles BUXXX got on wax. Hastily recorded at Jukebox studio in West London and engineered by Savage Dan, the record has a lo-fi feel to it and it makes all the sense in the world that BUXXX's lyrical approach is inclined towards storytelling, much like the west coast rappers of the nineties era.

“You're a nigger and a reader, what the fuck? There's something lacking ”

Racially charged, 'Make it Work' is in all senses of the word political- it addresses stereotypes of black men in the west and what BUXXX perceives to be a collective refusal from the world to accept any diversion from these stereotypes.

"Fuck that, guns up, mask off- Tony Montana with the showdown, bark off- YES"

Interestingly enough BUXXX appears to descend into an acceptance of the stereotype towards the tail end of the freestyle, doing so in a way that suggests embracing the self-destruction that comes with this acceptance. A reference to Tony Montana's preferred method of exiting any given showdown with only one outcome (ie. taking as many of the opposition with you on your way out) shows the person BUXXX's voice on this track becomes, taking pleasure in the bloodlust and rage.

Not bad for a first crack at the whip, 7/10 - would recommend.

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