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SPIRIT BOMB FT. Yang, The Obsydian Eagle

"All my life I thought I was inferior, until I got up in the mirror and I had a little gander at my soul"

The first bar lands, two rhymes in a line and a flourish- a confession nonetheless. BUXXX assures the listener from the outset that this will be a candid two minutes and thirty-six seconds, he delivers. The subject matter rises and falls, varying through the issues BUXXX seems to wrestle with these days- religion, self-image, addiction, heartbreak etc.

Perhaps not entirely inappropriate the track is entitled 'Spirit Bomb', two words with no business being in the same paragraph, stitched together.

A potent eight bar feature from Yang, The Obsydian Eagle slices through Larry's lazy drawl and chops across the 'Spirit' of Larry's metaphors with some direct bombs. Live, loud and direct in a way that balances the track perfectly.

Spirit Bomb is available now across all stores.


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