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LARRY BUXXX on Audiomack

My relationship with audiomack is special, it's a place that represents what Soundcloud used to be,. I think Audiomack is still in an incredibly pure place where music is all about discovery- especially where rap is concerned. I feel that nowadays when people look for new music on Soundcloud they've more or less already got an idea of the flavour they're after- think Internet Money, Cole Bennett and the like. I've got nothing against those acts, I think they're great and have a place in this vast landscape,

Audiomack has just given me an opportunity to be. braver and more freeform about what I put out. In fact, I use Audiomack as an initial testing ground before I start developing ideas. I uploaded Spirit Bomb on to Audiomack months before thinking about making a video for it and running any kind of campaign- that came down simply to the success it achieved over there and convincing me the song was a bit of a winner.

I'm just grateful that I was able to get involved with Audiomack at such an opportune time, the listeners over there are incredibly interactive and I really do feel like I'm making music with that community.

- LARRY BUXXX on Audiomack


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