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Michael Jaxxxon Glitter Socks (official video)

You've seen it here first, folks. LARRY BUXXX just dropped the video for Michael Jaxxxon Glitter Socks, the first from the upcoming CRUD4 project and it really is a doozie.

LARRY BUXXX, Michael Jaxxxon Glitter Socks
"Yeah she loves me, she weren't feeling me before"

The visual is pastoral and our man BUXXX rocks that signature pink durag throughout while stumbling through a woodland. The grading brings a certain pop out of the sprawling wilderness and we can't help but notice the dramatic weight loss LARRY BUXXX undertook for this, appropriate for the visuals to a song about escaping hunger with your people. The single is available to stream now across all good music outlets and the visual is available exclusively right here and LARRY BUXXX's official Youtube channel.


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