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'Docklands' featuring Chis Beybè OUT NOW

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

This bouncy rap ballad is all scathing lyrics and subliminal jabs (IYKYK), driven in by Beybè's fantastic melodies on the intro and similarly chipped in for a finesse of finish at the tail end. 100bpm hasn't sounded this good for a long time.

LARRY BUXXX - Docklands

“I ain't listen to what donny had to say, serotonin levels for the molly of the day; dance with the devil but you need to slow down, how's it gonna go down? Gonna get 'em anyway.”

It's sonically driven, masking the melancholic subject matter to the casual listener. Hidden behind the voice's linguistic bravado are a series of confessions to addiction both a singular woman and cocktails of substances. Docklands dances all over the fine line between the upbeat pop sensibilities and depressive rap sound that dominate culture today, the narrative voice takes the crayons and colours over and outside the aforementioned lines.

Avid listeners will know that ambiguity is a common theme and motif throughout LARRY BUXXX's catalogue, now seemingly more so than ever as this vice fest follows on from the artist's last single 'Jesus Piece', which certainly erred toward the righteous end of the spectrum.


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