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The very first track LARRY BUXXX put out into the world via all streaming platforms, 'Bondage, Dominance, Sadism & Masochism' set the tone for what we would hear from the South London rapper from the outset: vulnerability and confession.

The opening track from the 'Purple Rayn' EP, produced by Rayn and finished at the historic SP Studios opens with heavy, sultry synths and ghostly vocals that we can only hope aren't going to get our man sued somewhere down the line. BUXXX addresses the events that had recently occurred in his life up to that point- the 'quarter century mark; unsatisfied with his progress to that stage he touches on the court cases and compares his own journey to that of his contemporaries with a palpable cocktail of emotion.

“Twenty-one, flight club, quarter century: the way I see it shit's not the way it's meant to be. Wanda got the ring and she got a next degree while I'm grafting in the pits like I'm banging out for free?”

Looking at the project contextually and regarding LARRY BUXXX's London-based peers had been putting out at the time, such a level of introspection and vulnerability had been damn near unheard of. Reader, from the writer's humble perspective I'd dare to say this is where our man began to differentiate himself and immediately set course against the grain of what was expected of a South-East London rapper.

"How could the same yute have me moving like a git, I'm saying 'fuck a parachute 'cause you're gonna have my kid', you ain't even gotta worry 'cause I'm gonna do my bit- why you always gotta fuck around and do me like a bitch?"

Reverting to type BUXXX ensures to top off with a commentary on his relationships leading to that point, suggesting a common theme of mistrust and failure in the give and take that a such a dynamic is supposed to consist of. While the subject matter is mature the approach is almost juvenile- however, most importantly it's an honest approach. While LARRY BUXXX seems all too willing to jump into the unknown ('fuck a parachute') for the premise of starting a family he tops off the statement by passing the buck, suggesting the girl in question treats him 'like a bitch'.

We must, however, assume that nothing came of that situation- however things unfolded at the end of the one minute and forty-seven seconds of track there is no baby for whichever reason, resulting in the robotic musing:

“I left my ting back home, I don't love it no more- got a new one, cock back and shoot one, I'm bad to the, bad to the bone.”

Reader, one must assume that there really weren't any happy endings at the quarter century mark for one LARRY BUXXX.


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